Welcome to the "British Choirs on the Net" website. British Choirs on the Net has achieved an enviable reputation as the premier 'listings' website for British and International Choirs. It also remains predominantly a free listing service 'serving the Choral Tradition'. As it continues to develop (and take up more web hosting space) some fee based listings will be introduced for specialist areas together with limited merchandising & sponsorship opportunities (see below). However the site content and direction remains primarily shaped by its contributors (albeit with editorial veto). My thanks to Rod Cuff for creating and maintaining the site from 1995 until 2002, and for entrusting me with the future of the web site. Thanks also to those who have offered their best wishes in this new venture, particularly Tim Ault from Gerontius.net and also Michael Dillon of McDill Design for the gift of the original BCN logo.

Supporting British Choirs on the Net If you would like to help support British Choirs on the Net there are a number of methods to do so, either directly or indirectly. The Travel and Tour page of the website is a subscription listing for providers of choir travel services. The annual subscription fee is 100.00 for the initial year and then 90.00 for any subsequent continuing year. The basic premise is to enable choirs and choral societies to list freely while charging appropriate rates for online marketing of services that gain revenue from their involvement with choirs. Other advertising options are available for Choir Uniforms and promotional Garments.

You can also support British Choirs on the Net by utilising its mailing service. BCN has build up a very large database of choral music contacts which can be used to promote your business, provising that it is choral music related. Please visit www.choirs.org.uk/mailings.html for more information.

British Choirs on the Net is the UK's largest online choral resource and maintains a very high ranking on web site search engines. This rank plus good publicity results in high monthly statistics for hits and visits to the site. To view web site statistics please visit http://webstats.spn.kcom.com/www.choirs.org.uk/


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A message from Rod Cuff, creator of BCN.


Seven years after I created British Choirs on the Net, which grew beyond my wildest imaginings, I've finally had to acknowledge that I no longer have the time to maintain it properly, and I've now passed it over to a new owner -- Phillip Tolley. To my many hundreds of correspondents and contributors over the past 7 years -- my greetings and thanks. Please continue to use and add to BCN for many years to come.

Rod Cuff rodcuff@sfep.net 1 August 2002