Mailing Services, Direct Marketing and Data Protection

British Choirs on the Net is designed to;

  • Support Choral music and choir participation as a means of multi-racial and multi-cultural integration and as an aid to numeracy, listening skills and healthy living.

  • Raise the profile of British Choirs both nationally and internationally

  • Help choirs find new members, and vice versa, and performance opportunities for new music.

  • Encourage the use of web based technology and social media to promote choral music.

British Choirs on the Net uses 'soft opt-in' methods to collect and store email contact information. This means;

  • We only collect email addresses from organisations / choirs that are already listed on our site or have requested to be listed on the site or to do business via our website. We also used publically availbe email contact details from websites and other public domain sources
  • Any marketing mailshots that are related to British Choirs on the Net itself or companies which provide choral/choir related services and general information about forthcoming choir related events. 
  • We provide an opt-out or unsubscribe mechanism for those who do not wish to receive marketing mailings.
  • We do not buy-in or sell mailing lists or contact information on third parties.

We have built up a mailing list of over 3,000 choir & choral music contacts. This is an 'email' only mailing and no postal addresses are stored. This mailing is used to promote choral events of interest to the Choral Community and to send out the 'Chorister' Newsletter. Over the last few years mailings were sent out on behalf or choir tour companies, Isle of Man, Cork and Kenmare Choral Festivals, BBC Singers, The Sixteen, Eric Whitacre and Gareth Malone, to name a few. The mailing list is not just for big organizations however. For instance there are over 400 choirs listed in London. This means that if a London choir is looking to put 'bums on seats', either in terms of audience or singers, or if it wants to advertise a Come and Sing performance or Workshop it can use the mailing list to target the other choirs on the London list.


The mailings are a mixture of self promotion, such as the Chorister Newsletter, commercial mailings on behalf of choral related services/events and charitable/philanthropic mailings, such as Water Aid and Coram (formerly Foundling Hospital).

To protect privacy all mailing are sent blind so that no choir gets a listing of all other choirs the mailing has been sent to. There is also an unsubscribe option so that individuals on the mailing list can request removal from future mailing. The mailing lists is not available for sale, however a mailing service can be provided for suitable events.

The mailing will normally include the contact details of the original sender/organisation so that interested clients can contact them directly for information and enquiries. If you do not want your contact details to be included in the email then please make this clear. We may refuse to send any such mailing.

British Choirs on the Net retains editorial control of any mailings and only items of interest to the choral community will be sent out. Any complaints or enquiries about the content of mailings will be forwarded back to the originator of the content to address. We retain the right to refuse mailing requests normally, but not exclusively, where the contents is deemed inappropriate.

A mailing is not necessarily an endorsement of the product or service being advertised, but merely makes the service or product known to the wider choral audience to do with, or ignore, as they wish. Equally some mailings, as well as promoting choral music, have an element of fundraising for the organisers so any service being offered should be judged on commercial as well as musical grounds. You should take all precautions to verify information before committing to any costs.

Data collected about internet visitors to the British Choirs on the Net and Concertfinder websites is anonymised data, in that it is not in a form that can identify individuals. It can just count the number of visits to each page to enable the content and the flow of information around the website to be improved and tailored.

Below is a table of Mailing Services and rates

Full UK Listing (approx 3600 choirs) 150.00 London, Berks, Bucks, Herts, Essex, Surrey 120.00
England incl. Channel Isles 120.00 SW - Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset. Avon 50.00
Wales 25.00 East Anglia - Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambs 50.00
Scotland 25.00 Oxfordshire (or) Cambridgeshire 20.00
Northern Ireland 25.00 London only 40.00
    Other combinations available upon request

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by sending me an email with the words 'unsubscribe 'choir name' plus your email address. Please remember however that the mailing are for you choir membership and unsubscribing will apply to the whole choir.


Phillip Tolley