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Bob Chilcott - Jazz Songs of Innocence (for SSA, piano and optional bass and drum kit)

This vibrant collection presents five jazzy settings of poems from William Blake's Songs of Innocence. Chilcott challenges the expectation of the listener by setting each classic text in a different jazz-inspired style-from the laid-back swing of 'The Echoing Green' and ballad-like setting of 'The Lamb' to a lilting jazz waltz, 'The Little Boy Lost/The Little Boy Found'. .....  more



Bob Chilcott - Nidaros Jazz Mass

Bob Chilcott - Jubilate

Bob Chilcott: Irish Blessing (SSA/Piano)

Bob Chilcott: Can you hear me?

Bob Chilcott: This Joy

Bob Chilcott: Like A Rainbow

Bob Chilcott: Peace Mass

Bob Chilcott: Swansongs

Paul Mealor - Wherever You Are (Sheet Music)

    Written for SSA chorus and Piano. This is the original arrangement as sung by the Military Wives Choir.

   Commissioned by Gareth Malone for Series Four of BBC TV's 'The Choir' and first performed by Malone and the Military Wives'  choir as part of The Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on 12th November 2011 in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.

The text is taken from poems, letters and prayers written by the Military Wives, selected and adapted by Paul Mealor, and a passage from the Book of John


SSA Version

SATB Version

TTBB Version

SSA Version (25 pack)


Paul Mealor: Ave Maris Stella

Paul Mealor: How Beautiful on the Mountains

Paul Mealor: Ave Verum Corpus

Paul Mealor: Crucifixus

Paul Mealor: Selections From A Tender Light

Paul Mealor: A Spotless Rose

Patrick Hawes - Lazarus Requiem (Vocal Score)

Written for two solo sopranos, tenor, baritone, SATB chorus and orchestra. Text by Andrew Hawes. ..more

Patrick Hawes: Te Deum (Vocal Score)

Patrick Hawes: Quanta Qualia

Patrick Hawes: When Israel Was a Child

Patrick Hawes: O Lord Our Governor

Patrick Hawes: Reflexionem

Patrick Hawes: The Waters of Love (Vocal Score)

Patrick Hawes: When Israel was a Child (SATB)

Patrick Hawes: Tres Amores (SATB)

Patrick Hawes: O Lord Our Governor (SATB)

Patrick Hawes: Lazarus Requiem (Vocal Score)

Patrick Hawes: Perfect Love (SATB)

Patrick Hawes: The Vaudy Part Songs



Paul Mealor - Ubi Caritas (Sheet Music)


Performed as part of the Royal Wedding ceremony. Prince William and Catherine Middleton chose the work, which was premiered last October at St Andrew's University, where the couple met.

**Also available in packs of 10 and 25

Lennox Berkeley: Ubi Caritas Et Amor Op.96 No.2

Morten lauridsen: Ubi Caritas Et Amor (SATB)

David Hill: Ubi Caritas Et Amor

Francis Pott: Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Deus Ibi Est

Anthony Herschel Hill: Ubi caritas

Maurice Durufle: Ubi Caritas - Quatre Motets No.1 (SATB)


  John Rutter - Te Deum ( for SATB choir and Orchestra)


John Rutter's setting of the Te Deum is jubilant, straightforward, and appealing. It is well-suited to performance in choral concerts as well as sacred settings. Material for this orchestral version, as well as for the version with brass accompaniment, is available on hire. More


John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby (SSA)

John Rutter: Gloria (SATB)

John Rutter: Look at the World SATB / or Unison Childrens Choir

John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth (SATB)

John Rutter: Requiem (Vocal Score)

John Rutter: The Lord Bless You And Keep You (SA)

John Rutter: All Things Bright And Beautiful (SATB)

Eric Whitacre - The Seal Lullaby (Sheet Music & Vocal Scores)

A delightful, deceptively simple setting in the form of a lullaby for mixed choir and accompaniment of Rudyard Kipling's poem The White Seal. Easy part writing throughout. Commissioned by the Towne Singers... more

To hear an audio extract of the piece Click Here

Eric Whitacre: Alleluia

Eric Whitacre: Five Hebrew Love Songs

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst

Eric Whitacre: Little Birds

Eric Whitacre: I will Wade Out

Eric Whitacre: Sleep

Eric Whitacre: Water Night

Eric Whitacre: Lux Aurumque

Eric Whitacre: When David Heard

Eric Whitacre: She Weeps Over Rahoo

Gabriel Jackson - Song (I Gaze Upon You) (Sheet Music & Vocal Score)

Ideal for concerts, and special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, this choral song sets a beautiful text by Paul Eluard to rich, sumptuous music which will delight singers and listeners alike.

Gabriel Jackson: According To Seneca

Gabriel Jackson: Felices Ter Et Amplius

Gabriel Jackson: All Shall be Amen (SATB)

Gabriel Jackson: Tantum Ergo

Gabriel Jackson: A Ship With Unfurled Sails (SATB)

Gabriel Jackson: Oculi Omnium (SATB)

Gabriel Jackson: The Christ-Child

Gabriel Jackson: In The Beginning Was The Word

Gabriel Jackson: To Morning

Gabriel Jackson: Justorum Animae

Gabriel Jackson: Requiem

Gabriel Jackson: Edinburgh Mass

Gabriel Jackson: Cecilia Virgo

Francis Potts - There is No Rose of Such Virtue (SATB)

There is no rose of such virtue is an anonymous mediaeval text, already well known through beautiful settings by Britten (in his Ceremony of Carols), John Joubert and others. The poem is ‘macaronic’ (it presents a verse in English, followed by a varying Latin refrain). This new version follows the illustrious examples above by remaining strophic and presenting broadly the same music in a succession of slightly different guises. The first verse is a straightforward four-part setting, the second gives the melody to the tenors and surrounds them with hushed, wordless writing for the other parts, and the third explores a freely canonic relationship between the tenor and soprano lines before carrying the previous verse-endings to a higher, more exalted pitch and mood. The fourth verse then expands its texture in a free climactic passage evoking the songs of praise sung by the angels. This subsides towards the final verse, where the texture of the music attenuates again to four parts, and canonic writing (based on the first four notes of the original melody) permeates all of them. This slightly extended statement leads to a hushed final cadence. 

Francis Pott: There is No Rose Of Such Virtue (SATB)

Francis Pott: Lullay, My Liking

Francis Pott: That Yonge Child

Francis Pott: Nunc Natus Est Altissimus (Vocal Score)

Francis Pott: A Hymn To The Virgin

Francis Pott: Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Deus Ibi Est

James MacMillan - St Anne's Mass

A wonderful setting of St. Anne's Mass, arranged for Unison voices (Congregation) and Organ accompaniment, with optional SATB choir


James Whitbourn - Luminosity (Vocal Score) - ...more

James Whitbourn: Missa Carolae (Vocal Score)


Howard Goodall - Eternal Light - A Requiem (Vocal Score) - ...more


Howard Goodall: The Lord is my Shepherd (SATB)

Howard Goodall: In Memoriam Anne Frank (SATB)

Howard Goodall: The Marlborough Canticles (SATB)

Howard Goodall: Love Divine (SATB)

Howard Goodall: Veni, Sanctus Spiritus (SATB)

Howard Goodall: Missa Aedis Christi (SATB)

Edward Elgar - Songs from the Bavarian Highlands

Edward Elgar - Lux Aeterna

Karl Jenkins  - Gloria



Karl Jenkins' vibrant Gloria is a large-scale festival piece commissioned by the Really Big Chorus for performance at London's Royal Albert Hall in July 2010. Cast in four movements, it sets the traditional Latin text 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' and incorporates a setting of Psalm 150 in alternative Latin and Hebrew texts. Gloria follows Te Deum, Stabat Mater and Requiem, from the composer of Adiemus and The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. This edition features a fully realised keyboard reduction for rehearsal purposes  more...


Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man- A Mass for Piece (SATB)

Karl Jenkins: Requiem (SATB)

Karl Jenkins: Jubilate Deo (SATB)

Karl Jenkins: Cantilena (SATB)

Karl Jenkins: A Celebration of Christmas (SSA)

Karl Jenkins: Vocalise - 5 Movements from Adiemus (SSA)

Karl Jenkins - Dewi Saint (SATB)


Cecilia McDowall's Stabat Mater for solo Baritone, SATB chorus, children's choir (or semi-chorus) and small Orchestra or Piano/Organ accompaniment.


McDowall's setting of the Stabat Mater has been described as 'an outstanding work of great solemnity and poignancy' (Tempo, 2013).

The work comprises of seven movements in a symmetrical structure - from the impassioned Choral opening, through two intense yet diverse Baritone solos and contemplative plainchant chorales, to the stately finale uniting all the Voices. The optimistic central movement, in a major tonality, may be performed by children's choir or a semi-chorus of sopranos and altos from the main group. A plaintive meditation on the sorrows of the Virgin Mary as she stands by the Cross, McDowall's Stabat Mater is a sophisticated modern alternative to more well-known settings, ideal for performance at non-liturgical Lenten services.


Cecilia McDowall: A Time For All Seasons

Cecilia McDowall: Now Is The Time

Cecilia McDowall: As Each Leaf Dances

Cecilia McDowall: Missa Mariae

Cecilia McDowall: When Time Is Broke

Cecilia McDowall: Cecilia, Busy Like A Bee

Cecilia McDowall: Drink The Sky

Tim Knight: Benedicite is a large scale piece for SATB Choir and Organ. At 9 minutes long this piece is suitable as a concert filler and also for liturgical use. The style is definitely cheerful, as befits the words of this text. Premiere performances of this piece are already arranged in the UK and USA and we think that, since the Vocal writing is not difficult, this piece would be a useful addition to the repertoire. More

Tim Knight: David of the White Rock

Tim Knight: The Gartan Mother's Lullaby


Peter Klatzow: Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis

Hugh Blair: Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in B Minor

Howard Skempton: Song's Eternity

Rory Boyle: Lux Mundi - A Carol For Advent

Peter Thompson: For the Fallen

Timothy Noon: Evocation to a Friend

John Duggan: Nunc Autem Manet

Kate Johnson: Angele Dei

Jonathan Bridcut: Why, O Lord, Do You Stand So Far Off

Andrew Cusworth: There Is No Rose

Phillip Cooke: Invocation

James Davy: Drop, Drop Slow Tears

Malcolm Archer: A Hymn For St Cecilia


Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (SATB)

Perfect for a concert or graduation, this new choral piece from Josh Groban shares a message of hope and encouragement for all ...more

Sting: Fields Of Gold (SATB)

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody (SATB)

Robbie Williams: Angels (SATB)

Eric Clapton: Wonderful Tonight (SATB)

Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven (SATB)

John Tavener - Christmas Choral Collection

A collection of choral works by the celebrated British composer John Tavener  ...more

John Tavener: The Lamb

John Tavener: Funeral Ikos

John Tavener: The Lord's Prayer (1999)

 John Tavener: Song For Athene (Alleluia. May Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest)


George Dyson - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in F

For SATB Choir and Organ  more

George Dyson: Hierusalem (Vocal Score)

George Dyson: Quo Vadis (Vocal Score)

George Dyson: Three Songs Of Praise

Charles Wood: Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis In E Flat No. 1

Edward Bairstow: Save Us O Lord

Charles Villiers Stanford: Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis In A


W A Mozart - Requiem  

Edited and with a new completion by Duncan Druce. For Soprano, Alto, Tenor and bass soli, SATB chorus and orchestra. Introduction in English, German and French.
Latin text. ...

Mozart: Mass in C Minor (Vocal Score)

Mozart: Coronation Mass (Vocal Score)

Mozart: Regina Coeli (Vocal Score)

Gabriel Faure: Requiem (SATB)

G. F. Handel: Messiah (Watkins Shaw) Vocal Score

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria (Vocal Score)

Joseph Haydn: Nelson Mass (Missa In Angustiis) - Vocal Score

Haydn: The Creation


John Stainer: The Crucifixion (SATB/Organ) by Michael Pilkington

(Sheet Music) 

A Meditation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer, for Tenor and Bass solo, SATB, and Organ, with hymns for congregational participation.   more

J H Maunder: Olivet to Calvary

W.S. Lloyd Webber: The Saviour

Henry Smart: Be Glad O Ye Righteous

John Stainer: God So Loved The World (SATB- New Edition)

C. Hubert Parry: I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me

C. Hubert Parry: Blest Pair of Sirens

Charles Villiers Stanford: Te Deum Laudamus In B Flat

Edward Bairstow: Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis In D

Edward Bairstow: Save Us O Lord

Edward Bairstow: Sing Ye To The Lord


David Fanshawe - Dona Nobis Pacem A Hymn for World Peace (SATB)

Short and long versions. For Soprano solo, Children's Choir, SATB Voices and Piano. Dona Nobis Pacem can be performed as a work in its own right; or, if programmed with African Sanctus, it can be inserted between movements 12 and 13.  more

Bach - St Matthew Passion (Vocal Score)

Most of the English-speaking choral singers who make up their country's thriving choirs and choral societies will have sung Bach's great Passions in English at some time or other. This edition is in both English and German, giving the individual choir the option of which language to perform in. This book contains a preface by the editor, Neil Jenkins, and a suggested 'on the day' rehearsal schedule by Sir David Willcocks. St. Matthew Passion was written for solo voices, ripieno choir, 2 SATB choirs and 2 orchestras. The vocal score contains all voice parts and a piano accompaniment ...more

J.S. Bach: St. John Passion (Vocal Score)

J.S.Bach: Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 (Vocal Score)

J. S. Bach: Mass In B Minor BWV 232 (Vocal Score)- Novello Edition


Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei

Transcribed from Adagio For Strings, Op. 11  more


Andrew Lloyd-Webber - Aspects of Love (Choral Suite)

A choral suite arranged for SATB and piano by Francis Shaw. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart ..more

Five Abba Hits (SATB)

Miss Saigon Choral Suite

Pops (SATB)

Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Concert Celebration (SATB)

 Close Harmony: The Novello Ladies Barbershop Songbook (Sheet Music) Twelve outstanding songs newly arranged for close harmony quartets or women's choirs. more


Jazz Classics For SSA

Sting: Fields Of Gold (SSA)

Favourite Gospels For SSA Choir


Traditional Spirituals (Yale Glee Club Series) (Sheet Music)


Arranged by Marshall Bartholomew and Fenno Heath. more


Songs Of Yale

Bring Him Home (Les Miserables) (TTBB)

The Novello Barbershop Songbook

Yesterday For TTBB

Alain Boublil/Claude Michael Schonberg: Les Miserable


Alain Boublil/Claude Michael Schonberg: Les Miserable - Medley (SSA)

Alain Boublil/Claude Michael Schonberg: Les Miserable -One Day More (SATB)

Alain Boublil/Claude Michael Schonberg: Do You Hear the People Sing (SATB