Gloria  - Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)


1.       Gloria

2.       Et in terra pax hominibus

3.       Laudamus te

4.       Gratias agimus tibi

5.       Propter magnam gloriam

6.       Domine deus

7.       Domine fil unigenite

8.       Domine deus, agnus dei

9.       Qui tollis peccata mundi

10.    Qui sedes ad dexteram

11.    Quoniam tu solus sanctus

12.    Cum sancto spiritu


Nowadays, Vivaldi is amongst the most popular of all composers, but this has not always been the case.  During his lifetime he did indeed enjoy considerable success, though his reputation was much greater in France, Holland and England than it was in his native Italy.  He died in Vienna and was buried in a pauper’s grave, and his music became neglected for a great many years.  It wasn’t until the emergence of the ‘early music’ groups in the nineteen-sixties that his music once again enjoyed widespread popularity.

The Gloria, together with the Four Seasons, is undoubtedly Vivaldi’s best-known work.  He wrote it for the Ospedale della Pieta, the Venetian girls’ orphanage where he taught music from 1703. The girls were given a thorough training in choral singing, the more gifted ones also being given instrumental tuition and extra voice coaching.  According to contemporary reports, the concerts that they gave were of a very high standard, and the entrance fees contributed significantly to the maintenance of the orphanage.
The wonderfully sunny nature of the Gloria, with its distinctive melodies and rhythms, is characteristic of all of Vivaldi’s music, giving it an immediate and universal appeal


John Bawden


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