Rehearsal & Learning Aids for Choral Singers


ChoraLine audio rehearsal CDs help choral singers of all abilities learn a part more quickly and efficiently. Developed by choral singers for choral singers using advanced techniques, they offer an unbeaten range of special features including complete control of the target and other voices, and precise location-finding of sections and bars. We also supply scores (at discount prices for bulk choir orders), performance CDs of most choral works, and choir choral folders.

Choralia rehearsal and training aids

Choralia provides free training aids for choir members. Donations are appreciated and they are used to develop and maintain this web site. A quota of any donation is also allocated to the payment of copyright fees for works that have been requested by some choirs but that cannot be published yet because of copyright issues. The training aids are delivered in the form of audio files, which can be either directly played on the PC, or recorded on CDs and listened using any audio CD player. It is also possible to record them on audio cassettes. Alternatively, CD's are directly made by Choralia from the audio files and shipped via post services.

 PARTABILITY - We create (to order, if necessary) specialist rehearsal CDs for use by your choral society, choir or small instrumental ensemble. The idea is that singers or instrumentalists, particularly those whose sight-reading abilities are limited or still developing, can practise their own part at home with the aid of a CD designed just for this purpose, with their own notes emphasised. The musician subsequently gets more out of group rehearsals than having to rely on them as "notebashing" sessions. For more information visit

Choral NoteBash - Rehearsal CDs and Tapes.

Our CDs and tapes are designed to emphasise one particular line e.g. alto, with the other voice parts played in the background. This reduces the need for endless notebashing during precious rehearsal time.

A British Web site offering CD and Cassette version of choral works with one part highlighted, to help choral singers practice. There are also some free highlighted midi files and sheet music of shorter pieces for a cappella singers.



Your own voice-part heard clearly above others. Excellent for learning notes and entries quickly and reliably. International orders also welcome

Choral Music Training - Getting it right


Our aim is to provide a means of learning the notes to choral music in a manner that is easy to grasp and enjoyable to learn.

If you run a choir, or are part of a choir, how much easier would it be to practice with the rest of the choir while you're at home, driving to work, or walking the dog? This is what this web-site is about. I can produce, to order, 4-part choral works for choir members to listen to, and practice along with. I have a lot of music here, but if there is something I don't have, then a scanned copy will be fine for me to use.

For each piece of music, I will typically produce 5 mp3 files played on a keyboard. One containing all parts, and one each for the soprano, alto, tenor & bass. For each of the parts, the other voices will play along at half-volume allowing the listener to hear their own line of music at normal volume to practice with, while hearing the other parts in the background. If, however, the music requires 2 soprano parts, and 1 each of the other 3 parts, this can be done just as easily. Of course, each piece of music only needs to be purchased once for the whole choir. Copies can be made and passed round the choir so that everyone has exactly the same music to practice with. Visit