Here are some links that may particularly interest you if you're a choral singer or a classical music enthusiast, especially if you live in the U.K.

The first 13 links, plus 'British Choirs on the Net', make up TONSIL (The Ongoing Singing Liaison Group).

Royal School of Church Music Logo
The RSCM is an ecumenical Christian charity – an international network of affiliated groups and individual members – that aims to encourage and inspire
  • good use of music, above all in Christian worship;
  • the highest standards appropriate to each individual church and community, taking into account resources and circumstances;
  • a culture of learning through practice, experience and reflection, leading to the development of both skills and understanding;
  • individuals to engage in education and training in order to serve their church or community
Common to everyone in the RSCM is the belief that music, and specifically music in worship, matters.

Sing for Pleasure was founded in 1964, as the English branch of the international 'A Coeur Joie' movement, and aims to encourage excellence in the enjoyment of choral singing, especially among young people, with that enjoyment leading to higher standards of performance. The movement now runs a large number of events each each year. It plays an increasingly active and important role in offering help and advice to teachers and choir conductors, running inset-training, professional development and school-based singing days, courses for conductors, summer schools, residential weekends and Superweeks for children, as well as many singing events for adults. Many of the courses carry accreditation towards the Diploma and Certificate of Music Education offered by Trinity College of Music, London. Sing for Pleasure is the only choral charity to offer a graded conductor training scheme. The conducting courses are accredited by the ABRSM and Trinity College, London

Association of British Choral Directors
The Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD) was founded in 1986. It is a registered charity which provides a unique forum for the conductors of choral music in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to promote, improve and maintain the education, training and development of choral directors with a view to improving standards in all sectors of choral activity by:
    • the organisation of regional and national training courses and conventions;
    • commissioning and publishing regular newsletters and other items of information;
    • the encouragement of both the composition of choral music and a closer contact between choral composers and conductors;
    • co-operation and liaison with other relevant regional, national and international organisations with aims and objectives complementary to those of the Association.

Making MusicMaking Music, The National Federation of Music Societies was founded in York on 23 February 1935 with the support of The Carnegie UK Trust and at the instigation of Sir George Dyson (1883-1964), the first Chairman and President. A year after its constitution, the organisation was brought before the public eye at its first conference by Sir Thomas Beecham's scathing attack on the BBC in his speech addressing 900 delegates from 300 member societies.

The organisation was initially created from regional federations of music societies to provide mutually beneficial services for its members through the provision of centralised information and representation. Voluntary regional committees remain a vital part of the organisation at local level, regularly liaising with our Central Office in London. Making Music's regional committees in England correspond with the boundaries of the Arts Council regional offices. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are represented by national committees.

National Association of Choirs

The "NAC" represents and supports over 500 choirs and 26,000 voices, all of them voluntary and amateur throughout the UK.


We are committed to achieving the best in music for our members whatever the resources, whatever the styles through education, training, publications, advice and encouragement.  

We hold an Annual three day conference in a different regional location offering tutorial session, master classes, workshops, trade exhibition as well as regional groups which are highly successful in organising courses, singing and repertoire days, workshops and other events throughout the year.

RCO - The Royal College of Organists The College of Organists was established in 1864, the result of an idea by Richard Limpus, a former organist of St Michael's, Cornhill in the City of London. His idea to form a body for the purpose of 'elevating and advancing our professional status' was enthusiastically welcomed by his colleagues, who elected Limpus as their first Secretary. A Royal Charter was obtained in 1893 by his successor, Edmund Turpin.

The Membership of the College currently stands at 3,200

BABS - The British Association of Barbershop Singers

LABBS - The Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers  Born out of a meeting of six ladies' clubs which had formed partly as a result of the men's association. The women were just as excited by the sound of four part harmony. The ladies had been included in the men's event but they wanted to form their own association and after meeting at the 1975 convention they agreed to hold a meeting in London the following February. This was the birth of LABBS. Before long they were joined by other Clubs from all over England and Wales and as a result of this meeting we have today a thriving, fun-loving, educational Association which is constantly evolving.

Thye Voices Foundation

Mission Statement: To enable all children to realise their full potential through a singing-based music curriculum, and to influence national perception of the vital importance of music in education

The Foundation was set up by its Principal, Susan Digby, in 1994.  It works in primary schools in deprived areas throughout England.  Our team of specially trained Advisory Teachers deliver a 1-year singing-based programme that is aimed at an entire school involving every teacher and every child.   The course is structured to run throughout the academic year with a programme of INSETs, intensive training for music curriculum leaders and class visits (each classroom teacher is visited 6 times during the year).   The methodology is inspired and based on the Kodaly system in Hungary. 

Our aim is to give all classroom teachers in a school the confidence to teach music as they teach all other national curriculum subjects.  Through this training, the children benefit not only musically but also, over a period of time, increases their self esteem and enables them to acquire self-discipline, social and communication skills, awareness and tolerance.   It also has a major impact on numeracy and literacy skills.In addition to our work in primary schools, The Voices Foundation also runs a variety of training courses in partnership with LEAs and music services aimed at both specialist and non-specialist teachers. 

For further information:  The Voices Foundation, 34 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH, Tel 020 7730 6677 email:

Sing UK is a national singing organisation with a UK-wide footprint.

We deliver quality, educational singing programmes and events which benefit the lives of many children, young people and adults.

The greatest part of our work is with children and young people, reaching them via their schools and communities. We have access to all the Local Authorities, schools, teachers and children across the UK.
Sing UK is committed to the Government's Every Child Matters agenda, specifically Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve and Make a Positive Contribution.

Choir Schools Association LogoThe Choir Schools' Association is a group of 44 schools attached to Cathedrals, churches and college chapels around the country. Pupils have unlimited access to a first-class schooling and musical training, giving them an excellent start in life.

International Federation for Choral Music

Founded in 1982 for the purpose of facilitating communications and exchange between choral musicians throughout the world. IFCM is the official representative of choral music on the International Music Council of UNESCO.

SMA  - The Schools Music Association


The Schools Music Association, founded 66 years ago as a result of the outstanding success of a scheme for non-competitive schools music festivals, has its main object


To promote the musical education of young people by encouraging and supporting those who work with them.


To this end the Association

·         provides opportunities for its members to learn about, discuss and evaluate developments in music education

·         organises national residential weekend conferences and day courses at different venues

·         holds schools concerts in prestigious venues, such as the Royal Festival Hall and St Albans Abbey, encourages its regional committees and local SMAs to hold courses for its members and concerts and festivals for their pupils

·         maintains close contact with other bodies concerned with school music, including the DfES, DCMS, OfSTED, QCA, TTA, MEC and the GTC.

The Tutor Pages has a very strong relationship with the UK's music colleges, with many articles on classical singing, and many classical singing teachers listed with us. The following is our classical singing homepage:

Music in  Offices Founded in 2006 by Tessa Marchington, Music in Offices brings music opportunities into the workplace and shares the many benefits music has to offer. MIO runs over 25 office choirs and facilitates over 250 individual music tuition lessons across London and the South East. Music in Offices also launched the inaugural Office Choir and Office Musician of the Year Competition in 2010. 

Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network NVPN is a network of people who work with voice and song and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability. We currently have 330 members in this country, plus more overseas, who work with many thousands of people, helping to empower them to sing, with all the benefits that this brings. We recently launched our new website which has many new features, including a song of the month, a songbank and a shop where members can sell CDs, books and other teaching resources.

British Gospel Arts  British Gospel Arts provides a gospel music education service to schools, community and corporate organisations. We also offer one to one tuition in gospel singing technique, gospel piano and drum tuition, songwriting, music arrangement and production. For more info. contact Vernetta @ British Gospel Arts: 0208 509 7222 or email:

Helping You Harmonise - a blog that’s largely focused on choral conducting/rehearsing, with a smattering of posts on close-harmony arranging too. I wondered if it would be the link of thing that might go into the category of ‘other sites of interest to choral singers’ on British Choirs on the Net? I’m certainly aspiring to be of interest, and indeed, help to the wider choral community!

Music Works For You Music Works is the number one resource for the commercial value of background music. While it has become more challenging than ever to attract and retain customers, Music Works lists all the benefits of the background music in our daily life. Music Works aims to show how music can help businesses face these challenges, and provide a real boost both to staff and to profits. Music Works research results provide welcome news for managers wanting to find a different, more cost effective way to boost staff morale in the workplace.

The West Gallery Music Association is an informal group of singers, instrumentalists and scholars. We share an interest in the sacred music, psalmody and hymnody, and the secular music and dance of the men and women who performed from the west galleries of parish churches, in chapels, and around the towns and villages of England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although our interests mainly centre on this period and form of music in the United Kingdom, we are also interested in many aspects of the history and popular culture of the English-speaking world which have influenced or been influenced by our musical and singing traditions.  So far, we have active members in Australia, the United States and India.


A site dedicated to the promotion and support of male voice choirs, developed by some of Wales' leading exponents of the male voice tradition.

Bach Cantatas Website

A comprehensive site covering all aspects of J.S. Bach's cantatas and his other vocal works. Contains discussions and detailed discographies of each cantata and other vocal works, performers and general topics. The site also includes texts and translations, scores, articles and interviews, and short biographies of more than 1200 performers of Bach vocal works


Professional singers, organists and choral directors who can be contracted at short notice to perform at any event  ..more

Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs

The Federation represents and promotes Cornish male voice choirs. It organises massed choir concerts, raising funds for charities. It supports the musical tradition of male voice singing in Cornwall.

The Federation was formed in 1983, inspired by the first massed concert of Cornish male voice choirs at the Royal Albert Hall performed during this period.

The main objectives of the Federation are:

1. To organise concerts and recitals

2. To encourage composers and arrangers

3. To produce modern arrangements for the furtherance of male voice music

4. To support such charitable institutions as the Federation decides

Schola Liturgica Foundation A project-based choir with singers from all over the Netherlands with their only purpose to sing services in English Cathedrals.

A Cappella Singing A cappella music is when a group or person sings without accompaniment. There has been an increased interest in a cappella music in recent years that has been shown in shows like The Sing Off on NBC. Many of the a cappella groups are located in high schools and colleges throughout the country, but there are also professional groups that only sing a cappella. Although a cappella is technically defined as singing without music, the styles of a cappella have grown, and some groups use their voices to emulate instruments, while other groups are more traditional and focus on harmonizing. You can enjoy a variety of a cappella styles from gospel music to contemporary to barbershop quartets.For more information visit

The British Voice Association (the BVA) is a charitable organisation established in 1986. Its remit is the encouragement of a healthy voice, vocal skills and communication in such areas as the performing arts, business and industry, medicine and education. The BVA recognises the human voice as an essential element of our communication and well-being. It is devoted to people with voice problems, ranging from severe pathology and cancer to subtle difficulties of artistic performance, all of whom are entitled to the best care available.

The world's favourite online classical music subscription offering listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge. These workshops are run each week for 10 weeks. They give the chance for people to find their singing voice in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. They help build your confidence in singing and give you the opportunity to sing as part of a group. No one has to sing by themselves and there is no audition to join. A wide range of genres are covered including pop, rock, traditional songs and musicals. Each workshop runs from 7.30pm to 9.30pm with a short break for coffee.

Beginners workshops are for anyone who wants to start singing and there is no need for any previous experience.

Intermediate workshops are for people who have already attended the beginners or previous Sing for Fun workshops.

Gerontius.netChoirs in the UK searchable by location and type of choir; Choral concerts in the UK searchable by date, area and choir; also a database of sheet music in the libraries of UK choirs available for hire and/or sale, a concert archive, a discussion forum dedicated to lesser-known choral repertoire and a notice board for UK choirs.

International Schools Choral Music Society

Gramophone"The best classical music magazine in the world"

SchubertlineSchubertline provides over 3000 scores in lieder and art song that may be bought and printed online in any key

The Classical SourceOxford-based site "making sense out of noise"!

Canasg Music Publishing

On-line Sheet Music (mainly A Cappella)

'notAmos Performing Editions offers performing scores of choral and instrumental music from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for the general musician. We provide full preview/playback facilities plus instant PDF download and/or print.

For church and university choirs, organists and instrumentalists, Paraclete Press offers traditional, sacred choral, organ and instrumental compositions that enhance the work of worship through the seasons and celebrations of the church year, written and arranged by notable contemporary musicians such as: Iain Quinn, Dr.George Guest, Stephen Cleobury, Richard Elfyn Jones, David Halls, Gerre Hancock, Bruce Neswick, Craig Philips, Robert Lau, Robert Powell and many others.  The quality of our pieces challenges musicians to develop their talents while participating in the sacred and joyful art of worship. 

For orders shipping to the UK or Europe, our music may be purchased through:

Contact Cathedral Music at (44) 1243 379968 or;
Richard Barnes, Contact

For orders shipping to the United States:
Contact: Sr.Estelle Cole
Paraclete Press Sacred Music
1-800-451-5006, ext. 309
FAX: 508-255-5705

On-line early music - A British company, based in Spain, run by Brian Clark, a prize-winning Scottish musicologist, specialising in 17th and 18th century music from Italy, France, and the German-speaking lands, primarily by composers who have long been overshadowed by "the great masters".


Best for sheet music .... and much more

Musica Anglicana - New Anglican Music

This website is intended to be:

* A forum for church music composers - to allow the exchange of information, views and help.

* A public resource for their compositions. The aim is to make available new choral works that are accessible to most church choirs and will enrich worship as well as repertoire

In Quires and Places

A definitive collection of Recordings from British Choirs primarily singing in the English Choral tradition


ChoralNetChoralNet provides a central portal to online resources and communications for the global choral music community

[Vocalist International]Welcome to the Vocalist, an international mailing list for singers and singing teachers. We are a group of mostly opera and classical singers, but also discuss musical theatre and other styles. All topics, from auditions to fach to repertoire to career-building, vocal warm-ups, singing tips, are welcome here.

The Black Folder"The world's best choral folder", its "quality and durability ... without equal". Its UK distributor is Colin Brook who sings with the Ashton Singers in Winchester, Hants

The origins of the Incorporated Association of Organists (IAO) go back to around 1916 when it was founded by John Brook. John Brook believed that by combining the strength of a number of local organists' associations it would enable them to achieve things that would otherwise be beyond their individual scope.

[Pueri Cantores]The International Federation of Pueri Cantores (boy singers, if your Latin isn't up to it)

A non-profit making association, "Musica International", created in 1998, is devoted to developing and propagating the use of 'Musica' database and to transforming it progressively into a virtual multimedia library. 

Hear the Choirs Sing

MP3/Real Audio downloads of choral music 

Music and Vision

Music Resources  A good index site

Masterlists of Classical Composers