Choirs in Greece
  • Armonia Choir of Preveza
  • Greek Choir Korais
  • Municipality of Kalamaria choirs
  • Music Society of Sparta, Sparta Greece - Established in 1986 we consist of 3 choirs (a mixed voice choir of approx 40 voices, an all male sacred music choir with 15 voices, a children's choir with approx 30 voices). We sing in Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Latin and love every minute of it.
  • Phonolites - We are the Phonolites, the choir of the Faculty of Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our funny name is based on the volcanic rock phonolite. We are a mixed, four-voice choir (SATB) consisting of about 30 singers mainly of our University. Our repertoire shows a wide range consisting of Renaissance songs, classical songs, Greek traditional and modern songs as well as songs from other countries, Byzantine hymns, hymns from the Orthodox Holy Liturgy etc. The Phonolites are established in 1998 as the choir of the School of Geology in order to participate in the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the School of Geology. Since 2001 the Phonolites became the choir of the Faculty of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 
  • PolyPhonia
  • Rosarte Children’s Choir was founded in 2008 IN Athens, Greece by the inspired conductor Rosie Mastrosavva. Rosie Mastrosavva, as a conductor of another choir, “Children’s Choir of Municipality of Athens”, has gained the first in Greece’s history golden medal at the 5th Choir Olympics (1st Category-Children’s Choirs), which took place in Graz during the summer of 2008. In Rosarte’s unit belong children from the conductor’s selected cooperations, as, for example, members of the former Children’s Choir of E.R.T’s Third Radio Programme (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation), pupils of public Music Schools (Secondary Education) etc. Rosarte’s members have got great choir singing experience, taking part in concerts inside and outside Greece.
  • Saint Alexander's Male Voice Polyphonic Choir (Palaion Faliron) Saint Alexander’s Choir was founded by Ioannis Kottoros, Cantor at Saint Alexander’s Church in Palaion Faliron, Athens, Greece in 1943 and conducted by him until 2006. However, the existence of a primary form of the Choir conducted by Agesilaos Papantoniou and then Ioannis Kottoros in succession is traced in 1930s. The Choir consists totally of men and performs the choral part during the Divine Liturgy in Saint Alexander’s Church every Sunday (10.20 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.) of its operational year, which begins on the first Sunday of November and lasts until mid-April. Additionally, it sings the “Hymn by Kassiani” of Holy Wednesday Matins (Sequence of Bridegroom, Holy Tuesday, approx. 20.30) every two years. The main feature of the Choir is non-instrumental (a capella) polyphonic music for male voice, four-part (TTBB) and rarely three-part (TTB), created in the 19th and 20th centuries by Greek and Russian composers for orthodox worship ceremonies, e.g. the Divine Liturgy and the Rites of Baptism (Christening), Wedding, Funeral, etc. Its activity is incorporated in the 200-year Athenian tradition of Greek polyphonic ecclesiastical music as one of the last representatives of this particular kind of music. The regular and honorary members are amateur musicians, who believe in continuation of the local music tradition expressed through the Athenian school of polyphonic ecclesiastical music.

  • University Byzantine Choir - The University Byzantine Choir (U.B.C.) was founded in 1972 by Antonios E. Alygizakis at the of University of Thessaloniki. The inspiration for such a choir arose out of the research and educational programme for the study of Byzantine Music with coursework lessons titled: Tutorial of Liturgical Studies. The choir consists mainly of university students, together with well-renowned protopsaltes and university members. Initially it took part in the weekly liturgical cycle of the Aristotelian University Chapel, in broadcasted radio programmes and in many other University cultural activities