Choirs in Estonia
  • Estonian National Male Choir - Currently the only full-time professional male choir in the world. The choir was established in 1944 by Estonian choral legend Gustav Ernesaks. The choir devoted its first years to a cappella repertoire but is now also famous for its interpretations of important large-scale works frequently performed with the world’s leading orchestras and conductors. RAM has 25 oratorial works in its current repertoire and most of its tours abroad are large cultural projects where these pieces are performed
  • Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
  • Mixed Choir of Estonia Society - The establishing of the MIXED CHOIR OF ESTONIA SOCIETY was naturally an act of restitution - since 1912 until 1940 a mixed choir existed under another name in the same society. The Estonia Society is a cultural organisation which created Estonian National Opera. The choir was established by Peeter Perens and Heli Jürgenson. Heli Jürgenson is the main conductor since that time. In April 1999 when Peeter Perens left the choir, Jüri-Ruut Kangur became the new male conductor. 2 years later he was replaced by Jorma Sarv. The Mixed Choir of Estonia Society has almost 50 singers, most of them are 20-40 years old.
  • Püha Miikaeli Poistekoor (St Michael's Boys Choir) Founded in 1989 in an educational centre Collegium Educationis Revaliae, with the aim of studying the history and values of liturgical music in European culture in the past and present times of Estonia and Tallinn. St. Michael`s Boys` Choir is unique among other Estonian boychoirs, because it sings mainly historical church music: Gregorian chant, early polyphonic music, and Estonian spiritual folk hymns. The repertoire of the St. Michael`s choir also contains some secular folk music, including archaic Estonian runic songs, a phenomenon, that is thought to be thousands of years old. The choir has also a small instrumental group, consisting of mainly the choristers, who study instruments in the same educational centre.
  • Tallinn Technical University Academic Male Choir
  • Tartu Academic Male Choir - Tartu Academic Male Choir has been founded in 1912. It's founder and first conductor was Juhan Simm, a composer, choir and orchestra conductor. In the first years of activity the choir consisted of the Estonian students of Tartu.At present, students, lecturers and alumni of both higher schools of Tartu - University of Tartu and Estonian Agricultural University - are singing in the Choir. Singers from various student societies and corporations joined the first Estonian students choir.