Choirs in Croatia
  • Academic choir Ivan Goran Kovačić - The 'Ivan Goran Kovačić' Student Cultural and Artistic Company was founded in 1948 as part of the University in Zagreb. Today's generation of 'Goranovci' take an active part in one of the sections: Collegiate Choir, Folk Ensemble, Men’s Vocal Ensemble, Collegiate Accordion Orchestra, Student Theatre, and Group for International Folklore as a recreative section. The Company founded and organized literary manifestations called Goranovo proljeće
  • Carobna frula
  • Choir "Ivan pl. Zajc" (Croation Singing Choir) - In 1998 the 'Ivan pl. Zajc' Choir celebrated the 15th year of its existence and successful music activity. From the very beginning, it was recognized as one of the best choirs in Croatia. During the past 15 years, it has been performing a great number of Croatian music master pieces as well as some unperformed works (e.g. ' Misa solemnis' by Ivan pl. Zajc).
  • Komorni zbor IVAN FILIPOVIC