International Choral Festivals & Competitions

Please ensure that all care is taken to ensure the legitimacy of these festivals and competitions before incurring any expenses. Details are published in good faith however you may wish to consider insurance against unforeseen cancellations or delays.

20 - 24 January 3rd Sing'n'Pray Kobe, Japan: The deadline for registration is September 13, 2021. Early Bird deadline is June 14, 2021. "Those who sing, pray twice!" Related to this famous sentence by St. Augustine the international choir festival & competition in Kobe, Japan takes place under the banner of "Sing'n'Pray". The core of "Sing'n'Pray Kobe 2022" is once again, just as it was in its first edition in January 2018, the great "Pray from Kobe" concert with more than 600 singers in the beautiful Kobe Bunka Hall. Since 2012 the participants in this concert come together in order to sing and pray for the victims of the huge earthquake and tsunami around Fukushima on the east side of Japan in March 2011.
3 - 6 March Usk Choral Festival Don’t miss out on this jam-packed weekend at the Memorial Hall, Usk, Monmouthshire. A celebration of choral music from glorious Renaissance polyphony to effervescent arrangements of modern pop songs and everything in between. More information. 
4 - 6 March International North Wales Choral Festival Don’t miss out on this jam-packed weekend, and make sure you join us in the beautiful Victorian seaside resort of Llandudno. The Festival has welcomed choirs from all over the world to this wonderful celebration of music. Based in Venue Cymru, the North Wales Choral Festival offers a variety of categories suitable for everyone across the weekend. 
Organised by Conwy County Borough Council, the competition has grown from strength to strength and is now a three-day celebration of music. Considered one of the top choral festivals in Wales and renowned for its friendly atmosphere, this is a weekend suited for any
9 - 13 March Roma Music Festival 2022 - 9th International choir and orchestra festival in Rome (Italy) ROME – a multifaced myth
Names such as “Eternal City” or “Centre of the World” are not too modest. However, the Italian metropolis boasts them, and emphasizes its significance in the world history. During a short stay it is simply impossible to visit all attractions of the town whose history dates 3000 years back. Among the most important ones there are: the Vatican with St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps, the Catacombs, the Collosseum, the Roman Forum or Trastevere – the commercial district of Rome. You may enrich the cultural variety of this exceptional city by participating in concerts held in churches and concert halls during the Roma Music Festival.

Registration deadline: 15.01.2022

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20 - 24 March Golden Voices of Monserrat, Costa Brava, Lloret del Mar, Spain The International Choir Festival & Competition “Golden Voices of Montserrat” is annually held in Lloret de Mar and has been one of the most attractive musical events at the Costa Brava for many years. Attending choirs have the possibility to either sign up for the festival or the competition. The festival is open for choirs of all categories and vocal ensembles and contains highlights like the Contest Concert, the Concert in the monastic complex of Montserrat and a Master Class given by famous choirmasters. Furthermore, all choirs will attend an unforgettable joint performance on Lloret de Mar’s main square. All non-competitive choirs are invited to attend concerts in various locations in Lloret de Mar. The festival ends with a closing & award ceremony, all attending choirs will receive a participation certificate. Dive into an amazi
20 April - 24 April Istra Music Festival 2022 - 10th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Poreč (Istria, Croatia) - ISTRIA – the country by the sea
The largest peninsula of the Adriatic is Croatia’s most popular holiday destination. Despite the relatively small surface of Istria it offers an unbelievable multitude of impressive sceneries to be discovered. The combination of natural beauties, the healing powers of air, sun and the ocean, as well as the hospitality of the local inhabitants are like magic.
Besides gorgeous parks, a picturesque stone coast and long beaches the Croatian Riveria provides many superb cultural events, such as the Istra Music Festival with performances from choirs and orchestras from all over the world.

Registration deadline: 15.02.2022

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28 April - 2 May Cornwall International Choir Festival Under the distinguished presidency of Colonel Edward Bolitho, OBE, Lord -Lieutenant of Cornwall, festivals have been organised biennially since 2003. It has received Cornwall Council support, regional funding and sponsorship from many individual patrons and commercial interests in Cornwall. More than 60 male choirs participate in each Festival from across the world, the UK and, of course, Cornwall. In addition to concerts and other public singing activities, the Festival includes symposia, workshops, master classes and tuition sessions for directors and singers. It also features an educational programme involving local schools. It is organised with the aim of developing greater strength across the male voice movement in a spirit of musical friendship.
27 - April - 1 May 16th International Choir Competition & Festival, Bad Ischl, Austria: Registration deadline: December 13, 2021 Set in the charming scenery of the Salzkammergut and breathing the inimitable flair of a spa town made famous by the stays of the Austrian imperial family, every performance of a choir in this city becomes a unique artistic and cultural experience. Bad Ischl is an ideal town to host a festival, impressing with the splendour of historical buildings and so rich in stories like the ones about Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph, probably Austria’s most legendary imperial couple.
4 - 8 May Costa Barcelona Music Festival 2022 - 9th International Choir and Orchestra festival on the Costa Barcelona (Spain) - COSTA BARCELONA – a true holiday paradise
Some attractions of this Catalonian region are its long, fine-sand beaches, the sea and its crystal-clear water holding in its depths an underwater paradise, and nature reserves with untouched landscapes in every shade of green. Bays among the rocks, beautiful old towns and an appealing climate make Calella a exceptional place. The area surrounding Calella, located between Barcelona and Girona, is famed for its historic and artistic legacy. This region has been a home and inspiration for such figures as Montserrat Caballe, the world-famed opera singer, the artist Salvador Dali, or the architect Antoni Gaudi. Concerts of the Costa Barcelona Music Festival make the holiday atmosphere richer with new musical accents.

Registration deadline: 28.02.2022

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18 - 22 May Venezia Music Festival 2022 - 11th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Venice and Jesolo (Italy) VENICE – city of channels and gondolas
Since 1987 Venice and its lagoon have been on the UNESCO-list of cultural heritage. For many people it is the most beautiful city in the world, and is especially fascinating due to its architectural wealth. The heart of Venice - Piazza San Marco with the gorgeous Basilica - is one of the beautiful places in the world. In the proximity, at famous locations, the concerts of the Venezia Music Festival take place.

Registration deadline: 15.03.2022

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29 June - 3 July Budapest Music Festival 2022 - 6th International choir and orchestra festival in Budapest (Hungary)
No visitor of the Hungarian capital can resist its beauty. The city enchants, impresses, and fascinates at the same time. The Danube divides the city into the hilly Buda and the flat Pest. The most interesting attractions of Budapest are the Fishermen's Bastion, the Mathias Church, the Royal Castle, the Citadel, and the Parliament building. It is here, “by the beautiful blue Danube,” that the Budapest Music Festival takes place.

Registration deadline: 15.04.2022

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30 June - 4 July

10th Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival in 2022. Classical Movements is proud to announce the 10th Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival in 2022: Return, Remember, Rejoice! After the profound losses and monumental shifts of the past year and a half, we see a need to come together and celebrate our collective hope for the future. At the same time, we seek to reflect on and honor the work, sacrifices, and heartache we have all undergone in this time of great uncertainty.

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1 - 3 July International Choral Festival Cardiff. We invite choirs from all over the world to apply for the International Choral Festival Cardiff in July 2022. Applications are now open and will be adjudicated by a panel of international adjudicators.

Get your applications in by 31 March 2022.  -

All you have to do to enter the competition is fill in the online form submit your video and pay the entry fee of only £150.

It’s as easy as that!

1 - 6 July

SCL International Youth Music Festival Vienna 2022. Registration deadline: 30.3.2022
The SCL Festival is Austria’s biggest annual youth music festival for choirs, orchestras and bands. Included are concerts, workshops and lectures in Vienna’s fantastic music locations as well as a competition held in the golden hall of the Musiverein. Cross-cultural exchange is facilitated and encouraged. Find further inormation on:, or contact us:

4 - 14 July 12th World Choir Games, Gangneung, South Korea: Registration deadline: December 1, 2021: After 20 years, the World Choir Games are coming back to Korea: The city of Gangneung, located in the Gangwong province, is the second Korean city after Busan in 2002 to host the world's largest international choir competition. Gangwon-do is experienced in hosting major international events: In 2018 it was the venue of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which went down in history as the "Peace Games" due to the joint appearance of North and South Korean athletes. A perfect place for the unifying power of choral music to become an even more significant international symbol of peace.
22 - 29 July Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival 2022. Founded in 2009 with a special focus on collaboration and service, Classical Movements‘ Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival features a true diversity of ensembles exchanging cultures through shared workshops, side-by-side rehearsals and outreach projects throughout the Rainbow Nation—all while performing for enthusiastic crowds in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto and numerous communities across South Africa.

Hailed as “the largest international choral gathering in South Africa” by the Cape Times, over the past decade, Ihlombe! has highlighted nearly 90 choirs from some 10 countries.

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27 July 31 July Toscana Music Festival 2021 - 12th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Tuscany (Italy)
Italy’s most popular holiday region is renowned for its joy of life, culinary delights and rich culture. About half of the world’s art treasures can be found in Italy, a great part of them in the Tuscany. Particularly famous are Florence, the region’s capital, but also Pisa, Siena, and Lucca – the home of Giacomo Puccini. The concerts of the Toscana Music Festivals are arranged in the classy ambience of the Spa of Montecatini and the Basilica Santa Maria Assunta.

Registration deadline: 15.05.2022

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5 - 8 August

Classical Music Summer Festival 2022. Registration deadline: 30.4.2022
This new festival for choirs, bands and orchestras of all ages comprises of three days of music and cross-cultural encounters in summerly Vienna. The aim is to create a joyful international atmosphere, in which to share and expand the common love of music of everyone involved. Locations include the Golden Hall of the Musikverein and the MuTh Concert Hall of the Vienna Boy’s Choir. Find further inormation on: , or contact us:

17 - 21 August Paris Music Festival 2022 - 11th International choir and orchestra festival in Paris (France)
Nobody can think of Paris without various associations and a multitude of pictures crossing their mind: the river Seine, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Napoleon, the Arc de Triumphe, the Champs-Elysees. No other city exalts the imagination like this metropolis, which is also particularly popular for its musical events. As of late these also include the Paris Music Festival

Registration deadline: 15.06.2022

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24 - 28 August

Praha Music Festival 2022 - 12th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Prague (Czech Republic)
Experience the Golden City on the Vltava with its flair and numerous sights like the famous Prague Castle, Cathedral of St. Vitus, Charles Bridge, and the Golden Alley. You have the opportunity to enrich and experience the magical atmosphere with your musical performances during the Praha Music Festival in front of the picturesque backdrop.

Registration deadline: 30.06.2022

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25 - 29 September 10th Isola del Sole, Grado, Italy: Registration deadline: May 9, 2022: Numerous venues, short walking distances, a historic city center and manifold touristic sights within the region of Trieste and Venice make "The Sunny Island" Grado stand out as a perfect meeting place for international choirs.

Special highlights for singers are appearances at the basilica Sant'Eufemia in Grado and the basilica in Aquileia.

28 September - 2 October Cracovia Music Festival 2022 - 13th International choir and orchestra festival in Cracow (Poland) CRACOW – one of the twelve most important towns in the world. The former capital of Poland is one of Europe’s last undiscovered destinations by mass tourism. Here the Holy Father Pope John Paul II served as a Bishop for more than twelve years. Centre of the old town is Rynek (main market place), one of Europe’s most beautiful and largest market places. This market place is divided by huge cloth halls as well as the gothic St. Mary’s Basilica. At the south edge of the old town rises the Wawelburg with the famous King’s castle. In these historic surroundings, in the renowned churches of Krakow as well as in the concert hall with its appealing acoustics, the concerts of the Cracovia Music Festival take place.

Registration deadline: 15.07.2022

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13 - 17 October Lago di Garda Music Festival 2022 - 15th International choir and orchestra festival on Lake Garda (Italy) LAKE GARDA (Italian: Lago di Garda) – the most mediterranean lake of all Italian Alpine lakes.
To the alert eye the lake offers a spectacle of natural brightness and colours which makes this place a unique holiday destination for all seasons. Visitors are impressed by places like Riva del Garda or Limone sul Garda with historic buildings and ancient traces of old Roman settlements as well as by imposing palaces and patrician villas that create a fascinating surrounding area for the Lago di Garda Music Festival.
This magnificent backdrop provides the opportunity for amateur choirs and orchestras to experience an unforgettable musical event.

Registration deadline: 31.07.2022

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3 - 7 November Wien Music Festival 2022 - 8th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Vienna (Austria)
VIENNA – one of the greatest metropolises of the world
There are few cities with as wide a cultural offer as that of Vienna which includes the Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Vienna State Opera, and countless museums. The city also boasts astounding architecture with a plethora of historic buildings, e.g. the St. Stephen’s Cathedral built in 12th century and the baroque Schönbrunn Palace. The vicinities of Vienna are also attractive to visitors. There are the Wachau valley on the Danube river and the Benedictine Melk Abbey. For many people Vienna is the most important music center of Europe where the famous Wien Music Festival takes place.

Registration deadline: 15.08.2022

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8 - 11 December Badenia Advent Music Festival 2022 - 10th International choir and orchestra festival in Baden (Germany) BADEN-BADEN – a charming town in the heart of the Black Forest. The hot springs of the town were already appreciated and used by the Romans. The unique landscape of the Black Forest, the numerous mansions of the rich and the beautiful, the spas, the fourth-biggest festival hall in the world as well as the world-famous Casino radiate the flair of this international spa town. Right here, where numerous artists of international fame have entered the stage, the concerts of the Badenia Advent Music Festival mainly take place.

Registration deadline: 30.09.2022

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18 - 21 May 8th International HARMONIE FESTIVAL 2023. Limburg-Lindenholzhausen (Germany) We, the male choir HARMONIE Lindenholzhausen, invite you to participate in these international choral competitions as well as many concerts and folklore events. The HARMONIE FESTIVAL is well-known for its special festival atmosphere and , with its international choir and folklore events and competitions, it's considered as one of the most outstanding music festivals in the world. More than 200 choirs and folklore groups representing 35 countries came together in 2017 to the seventh HARMONIE FESTIVAL. Patron was the Prime Minister of the Federal State of Hesse, Volker Bouffier. We promise you enriching experiences, wonderful choral and dance performances by choirs and dance and music ensembles from different nationalities and cultures, international exchange as well as cordial hospitality in Lindenholzhausen and surroundings. Detailed information and conditions of entry can be obtained through the following website: