Welcome to the  "ChoirsinAmerica" an internet listing of choirs and choral societies in the United States of America. It is based on the successful UK website British Choirs on the Net which was developed in 1995 as a means of helping people find choirs in their area, but has gown beyond that simple aim to become a major source of choral information in the UK. I have maintained this UK site for over 9 years as well as other choral sites under the Col Canto Associates banner.

As with British Choirs on the Net and the UK National Choral Associations, the website is not designed to usurp National Choral Associations and you are urged to register and keep up to date with National Choral Association websites such as Chorus America The site is designed to bring together information about choirs, choral concerts, choral composers, singing courses and other similar information and to supplement other choral music sites and web resources.

It is only as useful as the information held on the site and so I would ask that if you are a member of a choir that is not listed on this site and you wish to raise the profile of the choir please email me the details. Just send me an email with the name of the choir, location, some information about the choir and a choir website address or email contact address.

thank you


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27 July 2011



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